Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Shrine post - Banksy

After much prodding from certain people, I'm finally doing a shrine post. And yes it's a bit picture heavy, but after all, that's what makes him so brilliant, so why not show it?

For those who don't know, Banksy is a British street/graffiti artist. He paints on walls, buildings, billboards, even the 'segregation wall' between Palestine and Israel. He paints around signs, lamposts, windows even holes in walls. His paintings challenge society, and often quite literally stick two fingers up to the world we live in today; consumerism, materialism, authority. Everyone interprets them differently, but what I really love about them is they can never end up in a stuffy art gallery, being bid over by millionaires and billionaires. They'll always be out in the open, for everyone to look at. His paintings are often very powerful, and really make you think. No-one knows who Banksy is, he chooses to remain anonymous. This is partly because of neccesity; his work is technically illegal as it is graffiti. But I think that the real reason is that since he is no-one, in a way he is everyone. How can you know that the man walking down the street in front of you isn't Banksy? It's brilliant, in a way that I can't quite put my finger on. It's like he's the little voice inside your head telling you that society is flawed, majorly, but you keep ignoring. He's the eptimony of free speech, and maybe a bit of teenage anarchy, which he probably should be to old for now, but who knows. I've gone on a bit here, but I guess the point is, Banksy is who, or what you make him. Some think of him as a worthless vandal who makes a living by defacing property, but I see him as inspirational, and a welcome relief from 'art' which consists of something a 5 year old could have done with a stick and a blob of red paint.

So Banksy, I salute you!

Thursday, 12 March 2009


True friends are hard to find. There are lots of people who I consider friends, but out of all of them, there are 5 who are really close to me. I'm not going to say who, because I reckon they already know who they are. It's weird, I found them in strange places. They're all in different friendship groups, some I've known for years, some I've only known since Robert Mays. 3 are guys, 2 are girls. Some of them aren't who you'd expect, but are still better friends to me than most. A lot of people have a group who they hang out with all the time, and are also their best friends. I don't have that, mine are scattered all over the place, so I'm constantly moving between groups trying to keep up with them all. But honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Number 1 is probably the closest friend I've ever had. I know them through and through, and they probably know me better than I know myself. I've been through everything with them, the best and worst times of my life. They've always been there for me, they're quite possibly insane, but that makes them so much more fun. I'm gonna miss them a lot when we go to college :(

2 is strange. They've always been there, and nothing I tell them could surprise them, so I quite literally tell them everything. I trust them totally, and we have the best of times together. I don't hang around with them as much as some of the others, and sometimes I wish that I did, but tbh I know they'll be there when I need them, and I'll be there if ever they need me, so it doesn't really matter if we don't spend every minute of the day together.

3 I've known for ages, and we've had our good and bad times, but always pulled through, and our friendship's been stronger than before. I see them more than my other friends, mainly because they live nearer, and I'm always talking to them. She's probably the friend who's closest to being a proper 'girlfriend' (not in that way :P)

4 I've known for the shortest time, but is just as close to me as the others. They're the kind of person who I can sit next to at breaks, hardly say a word to but feel like we've had the best conversation in the world. They truly have a way with words, and always seem to know what I'm thinking, and have an answer to every problem I could possibly think of. I never really realised just how much I cared about them, until it looked like they were in real danger and I was terrified for them, but didn't show it because I just wanted them to be ok and not to realise how scared I was.

These people are the best people I've ever known, and I hope never to lose contact with any of them. To the people on here: You know who you are, and you know just how much you mean to me. Thanks :) x (and the more observant of you might have noticed number 5 isn't on here, and that's because I'm still not really into this bloggy thing, and some things are best kept to yourself)

Until next time (and god knows when that will be)


Tuesday, 10 March 2009

First Post!

See, I do have a blog =P lol. Now all that's left is to work out what to write here.......

Watch this space....