Saturday, 6 June 2009 life

It's been a bit quiet on here for a while (mainly because I've been to lazy to post anything lol) so I thought I should actually write something for a change.

I was a bit stuck for ideas of what to write here (a bit like when someone just snaps their fingers and expects you to make conversation out of an awkward silence, anyone seen that inbetweeners episode? Anyway, I digress...) so I thought I'd write about the obvious, my life (and by that I mean my horse.)

My horse, and riding, pretty much makes up my life. It is the reason that I have no free time, that I spend most of the winter, cold, wet and covered in mud. Before you start thinking horse=rich girly girl who just loves cute things and is completely brainless, don't. Just don't. Because I assure you, I am not (for a perfect illustration of the afore mentioned girly girl see katie price).

Firstly, I just want to put a few things right.
  1. This may come as a shock to a lot of you, but horse riding is hard. It is not merely sitting on a horse and letting it do all the work, as a lot of people think. At the end of a cross country course, the rider is usually as out of breath as the horse, and I've lost count of the number of times I've woken up the next morning and found all my muscles tired from overwork. Also, it isn't something anyone can jump on a horse and do. I've been riding since I could walk, and I would still count myself as a novice. It's not because I'm a bad rider, it's just that that's how long it takes to learn.
  2. Riding is not cruel to horses. Admitedly, there are people out there who abuse horses and use cruel training methods BUT they are a minority. The majority of horse owners would never dream of mistreating their horses. Just look at a proffessional showjumper/eventer. Do you really think a horse would jump a six foot fence if he didn't want to? Try as you like, you really can't force a horse to do anything. Even more amazing is natural horsemanship trainers. While some of them are slightly delusional and incompetant, there are some who can ride, and jump a horse with nothing but a rope round the horses neck. Again, you can try as hard as you like, but you can't make a horse do that.
Anyway, I seem to have digressed again. Onto Fly.

Fly is an 11 year old gelding, came over from Ireland as a youngster and is your standard, run of the mill non-descript horse. As far as i know he is a thoroughbred x connemara but I haven't got a clue about his breeding. But, he is far more special than his breeding would imply. While he's not a posh well bred expensive horse, he has far more ability than it looks. It really is the best feeling in the world to go into a jumping class full of posh snobby, stuck up girls (of which there are a lot) on expensive horses looking down at my scruffy little horse, and then beat them. He is quite literally my life, and means everything to me. Ok, that probably didn't mean a lot to most of you, so here are some pictures :)


  1. it looks like he's about to smash his knees on that log!

  2. nah, it's just the angle, he cleared it by miles. He does have some sense of self preservation lol

  3. awwwww horsey horsey....

    does he have a big willy? hehehehe

  4. lol trust you :P (and for the record, he says you're not his type) hehe