Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Something I'm not

My last post went on a bit, so I'll try and keep this short. I was at a sports event today, and one of the teachers was there talking to my mum. I found out later that she'd said something along the lines of, 'she (as in me) does so well doesn't she? She works so hard even though her feet are the way they are'.

Now, that doesn't really sound much, but I really felt it. Anyone who knows me knows that I've got a slight inward turn on my feet, and yes, it looks odd. I'm not denying that, it was the bane of my life all through juniors, and I swear I still get a few odd looks from strangers in the street. But I've learnt to ignore it, I barely remember it's there most of the time, and I like to think that my friends don't either.

But a comment like that just takes me right down. I hate being classed as 'someone who struggles valiantly against the odds', because I'm just not. My feet, apart from looking different and a bit goofy, have never affected me. It doesn't affect how fast I run, I was 5th in the county at hurdles a couple of years ago, shouldn't that speak for itself? I'm good at sport, I know that. Can't I just be like anyone else who is? I always thought that that teacher just saw me as a sports person, not as anything different, and it just got me thinking, all those times she said I was doing great, was she just being nice? Did i really fall for it? I'm just a regular person, I don't need to be patronised or thought of as 'brave for working hard through it all'. I just don't need it, because one step on from that is starting to overly encourage, help and patronise me. Which the few times that has happened to me, I loathed. I really do hate it with a passion. I'm just a normal person. So why won't they treat me like one?

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  1. Hear you loud and clear, we all got something for someone else to judge us about. But you've just gotta think, hey, no ones perfect, and neither are they.