Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Modern day mind control

Have you ever walked through a shopping centre when it's quiet. Not dead like it is walking through after the shops are closed, but just quiet enough to not be constantly pushing through crowds, and actually be able to see and hear individual people for more than a split second as they brush past you.

I was walking round one of the smaller shopping centres about lunchtime last week. It's depressing in a way, walking there; every other shop is boarded up, and some of the shops I used to spend ages in as a child are completely gone.

But anyway, I digress. Just walking through, I noticed the few people around me properly for the first time. And then I noticed that they were all stepping in time to the deliberately upbeat music playing throughout the centre. Literally everyone I saw.

This is turning into a bit of a ramble now, but it got me thinking. Are we really that easy to control? I mean, I reckon half of these people weren't even musical, yet there they were, changing the speed that they were walking at without even realising it. And they say that mind control doesn't exist......

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